Homeschool Fitness Group


We are striving to create a safe, fun, indoor space for children who are homeschooled to gather and play throughout the year. Whether the weather is beautiful and sunny, or cold and rainy, we are the perfect place to bring your child to make friends, engage in social play and get active! 

We offer two play options: free play and coach-led classes.

Free play: Join other parents and children in unstructured, imaginative, free time where you can play alongside your child, or let him/her wander and play with other children while you socialize with other parents. Parents are welcome to drop-in weekly or register for a 2 month pass to save!

Coach-led classes strive to give parents a break and give homeschoolers the opportunity to play new sports each week. These classes require pre-registration to ensure appropriate staffing and lesson planning.


* A valid Building Pass (Membership) is required for all kids participating in the youth program. 1 parent is allowed in per participating child, any additional spectators ie: other parent, siblings, grandparents are required to complete their Pass*