Adult Dek Hockey


Individuals: $90/player

All ref fees and taxes included. Teams are guaranteed 10 games.



A $100 non-refundable deposit is required to secure a spot in the league. Until you have received notification, you are not officially registered. Teams with players paying the $80 dollar rate must have a 10 player minimum. Full payment is due by the first game. Late fees will be assessed, or possible removal from the league, if full payment is not received by the first game. There are no refunds.

Times & Playoffs

Ranks & Roster Limits

Ranked Players and Roster Limitations.

Bronze 1 – Draft League
Bronze 2 – 5 points, 2 asterisks
Bronze 3- 2 asterisks
Bronze 4 – No points or asterisks

Players can play on multiple teams in the league as long as they are in separate divisions.

Player and LeaguePoints

Bronze 2: N/A
Bronze 3: Open Division (No Rankings)
Bronze 4: 1pt and ****, 2pt and **, or *****
Rec: 1 Asterick

3pt Players- Tyler Caba, John Carberry

2pt Players- Matt Hoagland, Matt Umstead, Taylor Fulmer, Richie Groff III, Cam Long, Jason Fairheller, David Michael Campbell, Kris Doiron, Sean Corcoran, Evan Farkosh, Kevin Lombardi, Jason Lombardi

1pt Players- Brian Predergast, Alex Merone, Joey Coccia, Zach Hall, Shawn Waters, Jake Rauscher, Larry Boone, Corey Carr, Chris Lorenzo, Steve Wasylkowski, D.J Litishin, Jay Soliday, Leo Klawiter, Tyler Epright, Tyler Schwartz, Pat O’Donnell, Tim Rogers, Jared Freese, Josh Leas, Alex Hunsicker, Dan Brady (Not Curls), Jim Crouthamel, Chad Price, Brendan Keller, Matt Grinovics, Thomas Freed, Zach Gower

Asterisked Players- , Keith Medunic, Jim Cherry, Patrick Bohn, Phillip Ranaudo, Vance Webb, Ross Greenwood, Justin Thomas, Owen Agnew, Pete Racek, Sean Morris, Ben Schwartz, Bill Lacey, Christian Leftko, Miten Metah, Dave Reaser, Eric Harris, Tim Carberry, Becky Dobson, Ryan Heichert, Chuck Rodgers Jamie Isett, JJ Deviney,Justin Leas, Kenny Kutt, Tim Tracey, Gavin Glinecke, Tyler Brackbill, Jarod Freese, Kevin Cooley, Nick Sotera, Bobby Caba, Tyler Witiak, Shawn Moore, Mark Koenig, Cole Steltz, Dan Brady (curls), David Herring, Dom Mascierelli, Jack Hipple, Adam Hennessey, John Robinson, Michael Warren, Michael Mancini, Tim Carberry, Brad Blankenbiller 

Player ID Cards

Effective March 1st 2019

Adult League Players are required to have a completed Membership.

SMG Waiver of Liability

Agreement to the terms and conditions of our new membership/waiver is REQUIRED for facility participation.

Additional Information


All players are required to know the 422 Sportsplex rules. Players will not be exempt from the rules because they did not know house policies. For league rules, click here.


ARE YOU AN INDIVIDUAL LOOKING FOR A TEAM? Please click here and we will help you find a team.

Adult Dek Hockey Programs in Gilbertsville, Phoenixville, & Collegeville, PA

If you are looking for a new sport to play, then you might want to consider trying out for one of our adult dek hockey leagues in Collegeville. There are a variety of different programs to help you get into the sport, and several leagues that you can compete in with a team once you know how to play. Adult dek hockey is also known as street hockey and is played on foot as opposed to on roller skates as in adult inline hockey or ice skates in ice hockey. This can be played on any non-ice surface as the pucks have been specially designed for these types of areas. Due to the limited level of physical contact, this is not considered to be a dangerous sport. It’s a far safer experience than your typical ice hockey game and has about the same level of contact as our adult soccer leagues. As such, anyone could have fun here.

How To Join A Team

You can find a variety of teams in places such as Phoenixville, Pottstown, Collegeville and Gilbertsville, PA. If you live in one of these areas, you will probably already know about the teams here as they are some of the most popular. However, if you live somewhere else, then you should check online to see if there are any local teams that you can join. Like all other sports, you are going to have to work your way up through a smaller program before you can play in a bigger adult dek hockey league.

Different League Information

We have several different adult dek hockey leagues in Phoenixville that you can join and compete in once you have a team, so this is perfect for Pottstown residents. Every game will be played on a pristine, highly advanced arena up to the highest league standards. You can choose the right league to suit your needs and level of skill.

Remember, if you don’t already have an adult dek hockey team, then you can register with us and we will place you with a team. You will be able to find the perfect match on one of our programs so that you can excel in the game and also have fun with other players.

Great Value

We’re thrilled to say that our adult dek hockey programs near Gilbertsville, PA are completely affordable for individual players and teams. We aim to provide a fantastic experience and make sure that it is cost friendly for everyone interested in participating. You can see our prices above, or, you can sign up right now. All we ask is that team members have paid before they play. Once part of a team, you are guaranteed the chance to compete in the league of your choice.

Find Out More Now

Are you interested in getting involved in our Adult dek hockey leagues or programs near Gilbertsville, PA? You can contact us today or you can use our registration signup. We will quickly find the right spot for you regardless of whether you are local to Collegeville or Phoenixville. If you’re not sure whether adult dek hockey is the right sport for you, consider checking out our adult flag football leagues instead!