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First Step Basketball

Hoopstars in Partnership with the Philadelphia 76ers

With its comprehensive curriculum, Hoopstars is a fun and exciting child development program that helps children develop balance, coordination and fine motor skills while learning the fundamentals of basketball.

Each class will feature age-appropriate instruction based on our progressive curriculum, and our experienced coaches focus on the effort being made rather than the result of that effort. Our staff strives to help children reach physical and emotional milestones throughout each session of Hoopstars.

Our classes work to help speed a child’s development in athletic avenues as well as social situations. Some topics that are covered in Hoopstars include: hand-eye coordination, listening to directions, understanding boundaries, teamwork, balance, social awareness, and fair play.

Benefits with the 76ers

All athletes will receive:

    • Jr. 76ers Uniform (jersey and shorts)
    • 76ers giveaway items
    • Ticket Discounts to Delaware Blue Coat Games

Summer 2022 Session

Registration Closes June 3rd, no late registrations will be accepted for this program

Saturdays June 4th – July 23th, 2022

Agreement to the terms and conditions of our new membership/waiver  (click here) is REQUIRED for facility participation.


$160 for 8 weeks (new HoopStars needing uniform)

$150 for 8 weeks (returning HoopStar already having uniform)

Little HoopStars Ages 4-5  @ 9 AM:   Register Here

Rising HoopStars Ages 6-7  @ 10 AM:   Register Here

Shining HoopStars Ages 8-9  @ 11 AM:   Register Here

Premier HoopStars Ages 10-14  @ 12 PM:   Register Here

Tuesdays June 7th – July 26th, 2022

Agreement to the terms and conditions of our new membership/waiver  (click here) is REQUIRED for facility participation.


$160 for 8 weeks (new HoopStars needing uniform)

$150 for 8 weeks (returning HoopStar already having uniform)

Rising HoopStars Ages 6-7  @ 5 PM:   Register Here

Shining HoopStars Ages 8-9  @ 6 PM:   Register Here

Premier HoopStars Ages 10-14  @ 7 PM:   Register Here

Basketball Leagues For Kids Near Pottstown, Gilbertsville, Collegeville & Phoenixville, PA

It might be the case that your child is already obsessed with sports, and basketball in particular. If this is true for your child, then we would urge you to send them somewhere that fosters the ability of children when they are playing kids basketball. When you use our service here in Pottstown, you can rest assured that your children will be getting some of the finest youth basketball training.

Why Choose Kids Basketball?

Basketball is a fun sport that everyone can enjoy here in Pottstown, PA.  You will find that youth basketball is something that your kids will love as it is a fast-paced sport that keeps them fit and healthy.

Encouraging them to take up youth basketball is a great way to help their social interactions by having them be part of a team that goes beyond the typical sports camps in Pottstown. They will meet new friends and form bonds that could last a lifetime while also learning how to work together with other children. You will find that there are a number of programs offered around Collegeville, but ours is certainly the best.

What Do You Need To Know?

There are three different levels based on the age of your child. Depending on the level, your child will learn different skills and participate in games against people with the same skill set as them. Through Basketball, your child will be able to naturally improve their skill and knowledge of the game. They can start off at Little Hoopstars and rise up to Shining Hoopstars, eventually leading to our Intermediate/Advanced Steps class.

A Chance To rise

If you and your child are hoping for them to go far in the world of basketball, and you have already tried our summer camps near Gilbertsville, PA, then youth basketball is a great next step. It allows them to develop their skills from a young age so that they are in a stronger position in their teenage years when they enter the big leagues. Those that played kids basketball are more likely to succeed later in their career. One of the ways that they can do this is by competing in a variety of leagues so that they can get used to the pressure that comes with playing on a bigger scale. If you are trying to prepare your child for this, then entering them in leagues or programs as part of a youth basketball team is a great way to do this.

Fun For Everyone

Basketball is a fantastic, energetic, and fun-filled sport  At our camps, every child will have a great time. Here in Pottstown, we don’t think that kids basketball should just be about improving their skills. Instead, we work to make sure that youth basketball provides the opportunity for children near Gilbertsville, PA to make friends and get involved in a great new sport.

If you are interested in learning more, you can register your child for one of our programs today. Alternatively, you might want to consider signing them up for a basketball camp near Phoenixville instead.