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Are you looking for incredible sports leagues in Pottstown?

Here you will be able to find all of the information you need about our sports programs and sportsplex in the local area.

About Us

Getting Motivated and Active With Our Sports Leagues

We are proud to say that we have bigger fields, better quality and the best prices for sports leagues and sports programs in the Pottstown area. As well as a number of Multi-Sports Camps, The 422 SportsPlex has 102,000 square feet of sporting activity and local sports for children from the age of three to seniors!

The prices for our sports leagues and sports facility are unbeatable; we urge you to compare our prices and see for yourself.

Remember, when you sign up as a participant for Adult Soccer or another other type of sport in our sports facility, you will need to sign the new online waiver and create membership in order to enter the establishment. As soon as this has been achieved you will be able to join our sports leagues and participate in tournaments in Pottstown.

How Do I Sign Up For Sports Leagues in My Area?

Fill in the form on our website and you will be able to learn more about our sports leagues right away. Whether you’re interested in Summer Camps or Nerf Battles, we will be able to give you the full timetable if you just get in touch. Becoming a valued member of our community is something we are truly passionate about so sign up for local sports and get active today!

We offer a whole host of exciting programs for both adults and children. One of our most popular activities amongst the grown-ups is Adult Inline Hockey. Getting involved in local sports is something everyone deserves to do. Even if you are shy and worried about making friends, we will be there for you every step of the way in our Sportsplex.

Sign up and you could be one step closer to becoming a part of local sports league. It is the perfect answer for anyone who is looking to boost their fitness, make new friends and join in the community.


More About Pottstown Sports Programs

You probably look around all the time for sports leagues in your area, but the sports programs at Pottstown are completely unique and varied for the good of the community. Getting involved in local sports at our facility couldn’t be easier. Whether you’re interested in Adult Dek Hockey or adult soccer classes, we will be able to cater to all of your needs and make sure you feel totally at home here.