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Multi-Sports Camps

Saturday Multi-sport Camp Days

Ages: 5-13

Lunch: We provide an option for a bought lunch for $5: 2 slices of pizza and snack are included. Lunch to be purchased in advance at drop off at front desk.

Cost: $45 Full Day (9am-5pm)  $35 Half Day (9am-2pm) DROP OFF BETWEEN 8:30am- 9am

Membership: A valid membership is required for all campers

Camp Schedule: We run our program like a day of summer camp. Please see the example day below!


Camp Info

Bring your child to The 422 Sportsplex for a week of fun this summer. If your child enjoys sports or wants to try new sports, this is the camp for you. Your child will have a week of fun, learning and playing sports that might include flag football, soccer, wiffleball, volleyball, basketball, kickball, team handball and others.

Due to CDC and Health Department regulations, children will be temperature checked daily. Campers and coaches are required to wear face masks inside the facility. All children will need to bring their own lunch and plenty of drinks. 


Full Day Full Week (9am-5pm)- $180 (No Refunds)
Half Day Full Week (9am-2pm)- $155 (No Refunds)
Full Day Single Day (9am-5pm)- $50/day (No Refunds)
Half Day Single Day (9am-2pm)- $40/day (No Refunds)

No drop-in registrations will be accepted.  All campers must be signed up in advance and registration must be paid in full.

Ages: 6-12 ($5 per hour)

If you need to drop off your kids early or cannot make it back from work when your children’s camps are finished, leave them with us and we look after them. Our extended-care program occupies your child’s time with more sporting fun and entertainment. Kids are organized into groups that will play various games throughout the afternoon. These games include soccer, basketball, kickball, volleyball, flag football and/or others. Your child can be dropped off as early as 7am and picked as late as 6pm.

Sports Camps near Pottstown, Collegeville, Phoenixville, & Gilbertsville, PA

If you have been looking at multi-sports camps to send your child to this summer, then you are probably searching for the best one around. We are one of the greatest sports camps that your child will ever experience, making sure that each day is packed with fun activities that everyone can enjoy. Whether you are from Pottstown, Collegeville, Gilbertsville, PA or Phoenixville, we can cater to your needs!

What Is A Sports Camp?

At various sports camps, your children will learn to enhance their skills at a specific sport, but when you choose a multi-sports camp like ours, your kid will be able to develop in all different areas. We believe that this is important because it allows the young people of places like Pottstown the variety necessary to be able to choose a sport that they love. However, they are also not going to be limited to just one thing which can become quite intense for young children. Instead, you will find that we provide the best training in countless different sports, meaning that all the children who visit us will try all new things!

Why Go To One Of Our Sports Camps?

Some people might ask why you would even consider heading to sports camps instead of training at home? The answer is that it will give your child the opportunity to make friends outside of their usual friendship circles, and meet others who enjoy sports just as much as they do.

Multi-sports camps also provide children with the opportunity to have a break from their usual sport, if they have one. We can offer your child a structured opportunity for them to grow and develop in a safe environment. You might find that there are not a lot of sports camps that are local to you, but if you are in Pottstown, Collegeville, Phoenixville, or Gilbertsville, PA, then our multi-sports camp can accommodate your needs.

Cost Of The Camp

We can offer you a variety of options to ensure that your needs are met. For example, you might want to send your child for half a day, or one full day at a time, and if this is the case then you will be looking at paying between $35-$45. Or, you also have the option to pay for an entire week which will vary from $120-$165 depending on whether your child will be with us for half days or full days.

Sign Your Child Up Now

We have countless different sports camps specific to individual desires and passions. You can register for one of our soccer camps or basketball camps near Phoenixville. We guarantee a fun filled experience but we’ll also work to boost your child’s skills at our sports camps and get them ready for the next season!

Fall 2021

Stay tuned for more information!

Saturday Day Camp Schedule Example

Example Day – *Sports change daily*
9:00am- Morning meeting with camp rules
9:30am- Soccer Game
10:20am- Break
10:30am- Basketball & 4-Square
11:30am- Lunch Break
12:15pm- Kickball/Tennis Baseball
1:00pm-  Dek Hockey
2:00pm- End of Day Checkout

Summer Day Camp Schedule Example

Example Day – *Sports change daily*
9:00am- Warm-Up
9:30am- Soccer Instruction & Game
10:20am- Break
10:30am- Basketball Instruction & Game
11:30am- Lunch Break
12:15pm- Kickball
1:00pm- Team Handball
2:00pm- Break
2:10pm- Flag Football Instruction & Game
3:00pm- Dek Hockey Instruction & Game
3:30pm- Break & Run Down
4:00pm- Wiffle Ball
5:00pm- End of Day Check out