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Multi-Sports Camps

2023 Summer Camp Multi-Sport Registration

Week 1: June 5th-9th ~Jurassic Week~ Register Here! 

Week 2: June 12th -16th ~ Superhero Week ~ Register Here!

Week 3: June 19th-23rd ~ STEAM Week ~ Register Here! 

Week 4: June 26th-30th ~ Movies Week ~ Register Here! 

Week 5: July 3rd -7th ~ Under the Sea Week ~ Register Here! 

Week 6: July 10th -14th ~ Carnival Week ~ Register Here!

Week 7: July 17th – 21st ~ Hawaiian Week ~ Register Here! 

Week 8: July 24th – 28th ~ Space Week ~ Register Here!

Week 9: July 31st – Aug. 4th ~ Wild West Week ~ Register Here!

Week 10: Aug. 7th – 11th ~ Pirate Week ~ Register Here! 

Week 11: Aug. 14th – 18th ~ Take Flight Week ~ Register Here!

Week 12: Aug. 21st – 25th ~ Olympic Week ~ Register Here!

Camp Info

422 SportsPlex Multi-Sport Summer Camp

Camp Day: 9 AM- 5 PM

Drop Off: Between 8 AM-9 AM

After Care: 5 PM- 6 PM  (Additional $10)

Ages: 5-14 years old

Camp Lunch Options:

  1. Campers are welcome to pack their own lunch.
  2. Campers have the option at drop off to purchase a camp lunch for $5.00 Includes 2 slices of pizza,  and a bag of chips.

Multi-Sport Camp Camp Schedule:

9:00 AM: Camp Rules

9:15 AM: Campers split into their appropriate age groups

9:20 AM- 11:30 AM: Surface Rotations begin for camp- Campers are rotated around 6 surfaces where they will play a variations of sports and games each day. Surfaces include 2 Hockey Rinks where campers will play Dek hockey, run down, handball, capture the flag, castle ball, and other sports. A small training turf where we play Dodgeball and hold our Nerf Battles every Tuesday afternoon, The basketball/ volleyball court where we play knockout, four square, nuke em’, and other games, our Dome (Bubble) where we play kickball, soccer, wiffleball, and and outdoor station where we do sidewalk chalk, and yard games.

11:00 AM – 12:30 PM: Campers rotate through Lunches based on their age groups and time slot

1:00 PM- 2:00 PM :Surface Rotations resume from morning

2:00 PM- 3:00 PM: Snack Rotations

3:00 PM: Surface Rotations continue

5:00 PM : Camp Pick-Up

Camper Guide: 

  • If your camper has any allergies (food, insect, asthma etc) please inform 422 staff at camp drop off and they will receive a stamp
  • If your camper needs to take medicine throughout the camp day the medicine must be dropped off at the desk and labeled with camper name and phone number and distribution instructions.
  • It is recommended to send your camper with a bag of some sort to keep all of their belongings together. Great items to pack are: refillable water bottle, snack, extra pair of clothes, sunscreen.
  • 422 Phone Policy:  We do not allow campers to carry their phones on them throughout the camp day. If they bring a phone it must stay in their bag the entire camp day and used only for emergencies. Any phones that are brought out onto camp surfaces will be kept up at the front desk for a parent to retrieve at pick-up.

Extended Care is provided from 5 PM- 6 PM Monday through Friday for an ADDITIONAL $10. At drop-off please find a  422 Staff member to pay the $10 and let us know your child will be utilizing the after care.

Sports Camps near Pottstown, Collegeville, Phoenixville, & Gilbertsville, PA

If you have been looking at multi-sports camps to send your child to this summer, then you are probably searching for the best one around. We are one of the greatest sports camps that your child will ever experience, making sure that each day is packed with fun activities that everyone can enjoy. Whether you are from Pottstown, Collegeville, Gilbertsville, PA or Phoenixville, we can cater to your needs!

What Is A Sports Camp?

At various sports camps, your children will learn to enhance their skills at a specific sport, but when you choose a multi-sports camp like ours, your kid will be able to develop in all different areas. We believe that this is important because it allows the young people of places like Pottstown the variety necessary to be able to choose a sport that they love. However, they are also not going to be limited to just one thing which can become quite intense for young children. Instead, you will find that we provide the best training in countless different sports, meaning that all the children who visit us will try all new things!

Why Go To One Of Our Sports Camps?

Some people might ask why you would even consider heading to sports camps instead of training at home? The answer is that it will give your child the opportunity to make friends outside of their usual friendship circles, and meet others who enjoy sports just as much as they do.

Multi-sports camps also provide children with the opportunity to have a break from their usual sport, if they have one. We can offer your child a structured opportunity for them to grow and develop in a safe environment. You might find that there are not a lot of sports camps that are local to you, but if you are in Pottstown, Collegeville, Phoenixville, or Gilbertsville, PA, then our multi-sports camp can accommodate your needs.