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Kids Flag Football

Cost: $115 for 8 weeks

SIBLING DISCOUNT: Every sibling after the first registrant is $10 off

Ages: 5-13

This program is designed to introduce flag football to beginner and intermediate players. Participants are instructed on the basics of throwing, catching, carrying and defense. The goal is to develop players through various drills and games. Each week new games and drills focus on developing teamwork, skills and coordination through exercise.

Summer 2022 Session

Wednesdays June 8th – July 27th, 2022

Agreement to the terms and conditions of our new membership/waiver  (click here) is REQUIRED for facility participation.

Cost: $115 for 8 weeks

PeeWee Ages 5-7 @ 5 PM:   Register Here

Beginner Ages 8-12 @ 6 PM:  Register Here

Intermediate/Advanced Ages 11-14 @ 7 PM: Register Here

Kids Flag Football in Pottstown, Collegeville, Phoenixville & Gilbertsville, PA

Youth Flag Football Leagues

Is your child obsessed with football? Are you unsure whether they should be playing the full contact sport? If so, then our Youth Flag Football program in Pottstown might be a fantastic option. We promise a thrilling, fun experience that will teach them all the basics of the sport with none of the danger. The programs are run by pros who are passionate about providing your children with experiences that they will love.

What Is Kids Flag Football?

Kids Flag Football near Collegeville is a variation of normal football, but instead of tackling each other to the ground, Youth Flag Football involves instead trying to pull a flag out of the other teams belt. The idea is to do this when the opposing team has the ball and is running for a touchdown. If the carrier is not wearing their belt when they get to the line, there is no touchdown scored. Likewise when the flag is pulled from the belt, the carrier should stop running.

If you are from Pottstown or Gilbertsville, PA, then Youth Flag Football is on the rise in popularity, and your child might enjoy joining in too! You can do some more research on Youth Flag Football, and you will find that there are a variety of benefits including encouraging teamwork by competing in leagues.

Why Is It A Good Choice?

The biggest benefit of Youth Flag Football programs near Phoenixville is that it is a non-contact sport. Kids Flag Football is a safe game for your kids to play and if you live in Pottstown, Gilbertsville, PA, Collegeville or Phoenixville, then we can provide the opportunity for your child to play with us.

In addition to this, Youth Flag Football is a healthy way for your kid to get in the exercise that they need, without putting themselves through too much. While Flag Football is a demanding sport in terms of stamina, you can rest easy knowing that they are going to be as safe as possible when they are on the field. They can even participate in a number of leagues and help their team get to victory!

How It Can Help Children Develop

Another benefit of Youth Flag Football near Collegeville is that it helps children develop multiple skills. They learn to work as a team and develop physically too. Despite being non-contact, this sport provides all the physical benefits of a true football game. They can also make new friends outside of school hours that could last a lifetime. Motor skills and problem solving are all improved due to the skills it takes to win at this game.