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Speed & Agility Training

Zero Degree Mission Statement

Elite Speed and Agility Training


ZDSt’s mission is to maximize the athlete’s potential in their position and sport, while also developing their mind. In the midst of stress, chaos, and adversity we want our minds to be still. That’s why our slogan, be still, inspired by Kobe Bryant, is so important to how we operate.

With a roller coaster of emotions going on around us, being still and calm is the only way we’ll be able to rise above it all. In every moment, accept those emotions, break them down, and harness them. Be still,  like the aura of the morning after a snow storm, or ice frozen over a body of water. In the sports world, some of the best compliments to get as an athlete are to be called, “cold”, being “cold blooded”, or to have “ice water in the veins”. We strive to be that in every aspect of our game.

ZDST will maximize the athlete’s potential, while giving them the tools and lessons needed to excel in the mental part of their game as well. In the grand scheme of things, what we do applies far beyond the arena of play.

Winter II High Shcool Football Training Session

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College Athletes

“Zero Degree training was exactly what I was looking for. I needed someone to help me see what I couldn’t, and Nick definitely did a great job with that. All of our trainings had real game applications and were helpful. Most importantly, I loved how he always emphasized doing stuff right even if it meant going overtime. He really cares a lot about our development as both athletes and people, not just collecting a check. Thanks for preparing me for college ball!”

-Quarterback, University of Maryland, Class of 2025



“I spent the Summer working with Nick and it was some of the best training I ever had, and that’s after being with many trainers in the past. Nick’s plan for me was not only to improve my running back skills, but to develop a strong mentality and learn how to approach everyday with the ability to grow. He also figured out my weaknesses, and after we established what they were he had me master the basic fundamentals before moving on. One of them being my hip mobility which as a running back that’s crucial. Over that time we definitely improved, and because of how much progress I’ve made in the time I spent with Nick I’m definitely planning to keep him as my trainer for the rest of my football career. So, I definitely recommend him to anyone looking to improving their game to the next level.”

-Running Back, Bryant University, Class of 2024



“Not only was Zero Degree’s training challenging, but it was fulfilling especially when you trust it and the results show. It changed my perspective and approach on training. Doing the right stretches/mobility, strengthening the right areas, it all contributes to physical progress and creating longevity. The mental side of sport is a huge focus too. They’re great people who go out of their way to help and progress us as people both on and off the field. Zero Degree cares, and they’re just getting started.”

-Wide Receiver, Fresno City College, Class of 2024




“Working with Zero Degree this offseason was a great time. I learned a lot through training and had a ton of fun crafting in the lab with Coach Nick.”

-Wide Receiver, King’s College, Class of 2022

High School Athletes

“After our first offseason together, Zero Degree helped me a lot both physically and mentally heading into my freshman year of high school. On the physical side, they trained me through constant detailed reps, repetitive form throwing, and tons of footwork. My arm strength, accuracy, and pocket movement is night and day compared to when we first started training. On the mental side, they taught me how to be calm, confident, and composed in everything I do. My football IQ has gone up a lot as well.”

-Quarterback, West Chester East High School, Class of 2025




“Zero Degree training is a great way to get better every day. The coaches push us hard, but on top of that they’re really cool people too. I can confidently say my progression from when I started to now has been eye opening. My route running, catching consistency, and speed has progressed a lot this offseason. The drills we do are really productive and translate to important parts of my game on the field. They really focus on personal improvement for your specific position.” 

-Wide Receiver, West Chester East High School, Class of 2024




“I got a lot of reps and good coaching from Zero Degree this offseason. We focused on tightening up my footwork, shortening my release, and finishing on all my throws. I can really see the growth I’ve made so far. I learned to trust myself with our training, and to let the muscle memory from the work we’ve done take over. Zero Degree has helped me a lot so far, and I truly appreciate it.”

-Quarterback, Great Valley High School, Class of 2022




“Zero Degree has been a great training program for me. It’s affordable for kids that can’t pay the money that other places charge, and you get better training out of it anyways, so it’s a win win. One thing I’ve learned from them is if you really want something, you have to chase after it no matter the circumstances. There’s no short cutting the work. We trained through the coldest days of Winter and the hottest days of Summer. They see our potential and know the things we want to accomplish, so they’re out there with us making sure we get there.”

-Quarterback, Malvern Prep, Class of 2025




“Working out with Nick and Zero Degree this offseason made me grow from just someone on the Freshmen team to being able to play under the Friday night lights. I’ve learned more about wide receiver with ZDST than anywhere else. He has taught me a lot about discipline, both physically and mentally, and trusting the process with our training.”

-Wide Receiver, West Chester East High School, Class of 2024




“I’m one of Nick’s and Zero Degree’s longest tenure clients. I don’t even know where to begin because of the impact that Zero Degree has made on me. I went into training with absolutely no knowledge of how to run and even stretch properly. From day one he read those flaws like a book, and we started correcting immediately. Regardless of level the details make a difference. No matter where you are athletically there will always be progress if you’re serious about the work and being taught. Zero Degree got me into the best shape I’ve ever been in, it and was the best choice I could’ve made to be ready for my season.”

-Running Back, West Chester East High School, Class of 2023




“Training with Zero Degree this past offseason improved my footwork, route running, catching, speed, and explosiveness. They really put an emphasis on improving both mentally and physically when preparing for my season. They didn’t just put me through drills either. I was taught why each drill was important, what it was working on, and how it would translate to the field. I’m a lot more aware of my body now too.”

-Tight End, Malvern Prep, Class of 2025




“Working with Zero Degree the past 10 months has been transformational for me. They taught me the importance of trusting my process, and because of it my game has seen insane improvements. We worked every day whether it was 5 degrees or 95 degrees, and the results show. Taking everything Zero Degree has taught me and connecting it with what my school coaches tell me has produced crazy results. My confidence has grown so much through training with Zero Degree.”

-Quarterback, West Chester East High School, Class of 2023