1400 Industrial Highway, Pottstown, PA
High School Dodgeball Tournament

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  • Any player who crosses the mid line for any reason
  • Any player hit by ball
    • if the ball hits the ground or wall first, then there will be no out
    • if the ball bounces off another ball or player and hits an athlete before the ground, the player is out
  • Any player who drops a ball in hand when used to deflect another ball
  • Opposing team catches the  ball before hitting the ground or wall


  • Player on your team catches ball

Winner Determination

  • team who eliminates all opposing players within game time
  • team with most players when time expires
    • Sudden Death: when teams have equal number of players when time expires, next out wins


  • Single elimination
  • Seeding based on regular season game record

Playoff Seeding

  • Teams with best record
  • Tie Breaker Condition Order
    • Head to Head match up
    • fastest time per win for all games