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Elite Basketball Training

Elite Basketball Training

Elite Basketball Training

1 on 1 Coaching

Personalized athlete development and coaching  sessions in which abilities are assessed on a physical level and collaborative with what the athlete wants to achieve and parents believe they “need”. Athletes will work with CC 1:1 to be pushed in a positive manor the entire session to set them apart from other basketball players. CC models an elite development system with her own basketball theory which was developed from not only being a player but coaching for the last 15 years. All athletes learn the fundamentals of offense, defense, stance, alignment and mechanics, injury prevention and the art of making any shoot with confidence. Play strategy is integrated based on their position while learning that being in the paint is a team sport and the most elite must have a clear understanding of playing in their position and all others on the court. There is no player too short, too tall, or too good. This allows for the premiere crafting skillset and optimizing performance potential by achieving a mental, emotional, and physical advantage over any other athlete to elevate their game of basketball.

Small Group Training

Small sessions allow for athletes to push their limits against others on the court in order to develop their own game style while learning the critical need of teamwork and communication. These sessions allow CC to model an elite training method along with personalized basketball theory and tactics. Personalized feedback to the players and parents is provided as to how to improve game day play tactics. Players also have the ability to demonstrate providing feedback to each other which helps build confidence and natural leadership skills. Offense, defense, shooting from in and out of the paint are taught allowing for an edge against other teams. These sessions help players build respect for the game on the court as they are expected to abide by appropriate sportsmanship. Athletes also have the chance to be matched with players they may not necessarily play against which pushes athletes to a higher level of game play as they have to physically and mentally strategize in order to be successful.

Elite 1 on 1 Training

Price $100 per hour

Contact mdinnocenti@sportsplexmg.com to schedule sessions

Coach CC

Coach Jessica “CC” Cornell played collegiate basketball at Immaculata University. She graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Sport Psychology and MS in Astrophysics. She is currently working towards her MS in forensic psychology.


Coach CC has been coaching since 2006 with all ages. She was named the Tri-State YMCA Coach of the Year in 2021. She is also PIAA and NBA referee certified.