What are some beginner lacrosse essentials?

As is the case with any sort of sport, you should understand the basics when you are first starting out. This is certainly the case for lacrosse. With that being said, here are some lacrosse essentials for beginners.

  • Keep it simple – There is only one place to begin, and this is with keeping it simple. Short, sharp passes are a must. Don’t try to go for a glory pass!
  • Practice ‘cradling’ the ball – Next, you must practice the art of keeping the ball in your stick’s pocket, which is called cradling. You should practice this, and then practice, and practice, and practice some more! You should do this until you reach a stage whereby you don’t even have to look at the ball to know that it is there.
  • Always face the passer – Aside from the tips mentioned before, you need to make sure you face the passer when you receive a pass. This is beneficial because it makes sure you have a better view of the path the ball is going to take when heading toward your stick.
  • Catch the ball as if you are catching an egg – Last but not least, when you catch the ball in the lacrosse stick head, you should let the stick give while receiving the pass. This means the head must be dropped back with the ball, which should stop the ball from popping out. It’s just like the motion you would do if you were trying to stop a thrown egg from breaking.

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