Dressing for Success During a Nerf Battle

When preparing for battle, what you choose to wear can be more important than you think. You will want to plan carefully when deciding on clothing before you participate in a nerf battle in Collegeville.

Do not choose loose, baggy clothing.

Wear well-fitting clothing that is not loose or hangs out from your body. As any hit to you would count whether it actually touches your body or just skims your clothing, you do not want your clothing to give a bigger target than it needs to.

Do not wear uncomfortable clothing.

You are about to enter a battle zone, so comfort is extremely important to perform at your very best. You do not want to be thinking about an uncomfortable shirt or scratchy, tight jeans that restrict movement. You need to be able to run, dive, jump and otherwise try to avoid hits from your opponents. Dress as you would for a physical workout.

Do not wear inappropriate footwear.

Do not show up for a nerf battle wearing shoes that are not meant for running or exercise. You need to be able to move quickly and safely in any direction. Wearing cumbersome boots or flimsy sandals would be inappropriate choices.

Do not wear all black or military clothing.

For safety reasons, do not wear all black clothing or even all military clothing. It is recommended to avoid all camouflage and law enforcement style uniform or clothing. If you do want to wear camouflage or black pants, you need to pair it with a bright-colored shirt. Definitely do not wear matching battle dress uniform, or BDU, pants and shirt or even match pants with a olive, tan or brown t-shirt. Bystanders need to be able to recognize that this is a game, especially when played in public areas.

Do not wear masks of any sort.

For protection, it is recommended that you wear eye goggles or glasses to protect yourself, but these should be sufficient as head shots are not encouraged. You may also want to wear knee pads and gloves for protection when diving and crawling around, either on the attack or during defensive maneuvers.

Do not dress the same as everyone playing.

You need to be able to determine who is on the different teams. Whether you choose to distinguish your team with a bandana or a certain color vest, make sure it is immediately identifiable as to who is on the alternate team.

Your choices of clothing and protective wear can impact the nerf battle for good or bad. Following these hints for dressing appropriately can help ensure a fun and safe nerf battle.

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