5 Stickhandling Drills to Step Up Your Hockey Game

There is no denying that stickhandling is one of the critical hockey elements. After you have learned how to skate, you need to know how to use your hockey stick properly. Below, we look at five drills you can use to improve your stickhandling.

  1. Figure 8s – Moving pucks in figure eight around obstacles is one of the most fundamental drills preached by a lot of instructors.
  2. Reaching Wide – This involves having the hockey ball in front of your body. You then need to cup the stick blade over on both backhand and forehand, reaching wide side-to-side. You can then bring the ball to the forehand side, reaching wide, front-to-back.
  3. Dribbling – Dribbling, which involves using short strokes of the hockey stick, cupping the stick blade over a ball or puck, gently tapping it with the stick.
  4. Triangle Drill – Next, we have the triangle drill. This incorporates the establishment of three obstacles, forming a triangle shape. You should then take the puck and move it around the three obstacles without moving your feet.
  5. Blue to Red – Finally, this is a drill that is used by Providence College men’s hockey team head coach, Nate Leaman. Players are split into three groups, moving from the blue line to the red. This is repeated until the two groups that aren’t skating anymore, forming a barrier for the skaters.

So, there you have it: five of the best stickhandling drills to step up your hockey game. Contact us today to see the adult dek hockey in Pottstown we offer and see these drills take your game to the next level.

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